The Event. Description

In an attempt to support 3D technology, additive manufacturing, and virtual and augmented reality in Latin America and the Caribbean, En3D Latin America is organizing a 3 day “Expo 3D Venezuela” in Caracas which will take place at  the Universidad Simón Bolívar Campus. The conference will begin on December 06 and will end on December 08 this year. The expo is supposed to feature trends and solutions in 3D technology. 

The main theme of the expo revolves around business models developed in 3D technology, additive manufacturing, VR and AR. Experts of business models related to additive manufacturing, AR and VR from the industry will be presenting and answering questions at this conference. 

Apart from informative seminars, the expo will provide a feasible opportunity to socialize and develop networks with the relevant people. A social area will be featured where cocktails and drinks will be available and a private business area which will be a platform to engage with existing and prospective business partners for further business opportunities.

Participants will be able to promote their solutions to a new audience. This is a lucrative opportunity for becoming a pioneer in disruptive technologies. Moreover, the conference will give you access to present at one of the fastest growing regions.

Why Sponsor?

  • Opportunity to interact with almost 3,000 expected attendees to the Exhibit Hall and expected 440 expected attendees at the Conferences, offering your business model through a conference with duration of 35 minutes and 10 minutes of questions and answers.
  • Generate leads for your business by showing case products and services to an enthusiastic customer base and prospects of new business models using these disruptive technologies from across the region.
  • Network with Industry Analysts, Thought Leaders, Universities, Business Owners, Customers and Media of Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Present live to Expo En3D Venezuela attendees, your business models, products and/or services.
  • Innovate with new business models based on these technologies, identifying the current market in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Create a meeting point and exchange with the IT management community throughout the region.

Expected Atendees

  1. Businessmen.
  2. Presidents and General Managers.
  3. High and medium managers.
  4. Area supervisors.
  5. Specialists in the area of health.
  6. Specialists in the area of dentistry.
  7. Professionals in different areas of technology.
  8. Young professionals.
  9. Students.
  10. Entrepreneurs.

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